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This page contains settings specific to Invoices+. It uses built-in WordPress functionality allowing you to re-order the meta boxes or hide the ones your won’t use. Below are details about the fields/functionality available in each meta box.

Invoices+ - Settings - General SettingsGeneral Settings

The Invoice Number Format field allows your to specify how invoice numbers should be generated. It also contains details about the different pieces that can be added to the field to generate the number.

Invoices+ - Settings - Invoice Type SettingsInvoice Type Settings

Quote & Recurring Titles
These are the default titles for invoices using those types. Like the standard invoice title, these can be overridden on individual invoices.

Quote & Recurring Suffixes
These are the suffixes that are added to invoice numbers for those types. The suffix can be place anywhere when paired with the Invoice Number Format field above.

Invoices+ - Settings - PDF SettingsPDF Settings

Page Size
Generated page size for PDFs. A4 and Letter are the currently available options.

Email Attachments
If checked, every invoice email sent will include the generated PDFs as attachments.

Last updated on January 3, 2020