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While you can immediately start generating invoices after the plugin is activated, we recommend you first go to InvoiceEM > Settings in the WordPress admin and configure the plugin to fit your specific needs. Here is a quick rundown of what each settings tab contains:

General settings for the plugin including details on what should be removed when the plugin is uninstalled.

Details about your company which are added to invoices and emails.

Settings for invoices including URLs, defaults, taxes and other output settings.

Email settings and content. There is also a list of wildcards that can be used in emails.

Here you can modify the labels and fields that are displayed on invoices and emails. Any fields left empty will default to English. This allows you to quickly implement your native language without the need for full localization.

Once you have the settings configured, you can go to InvoiceEM > Add Invoice to add your first invoice. Clients and projects can be maintained directly within the invoice form at any time so there is no need to go immediately into those sections of the admin.

Last updated on January 1, 2020