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Settings – Company

This page contains company settings for the plugin. It uses built-in WordPress functionality allowing you to re-order the meta boxes or hide the ones your won’t use. Below are details about the fields/functionality available in each meta box.

Settings - Company - Company SettingsCompany Settings

This is the country you do business from. Newly created clients will default to this country.

Company Name
Name of your company. If left empty, the WordPress site name is used instead.

The logo for your company. It is added to invoices and emails. If excluded, the company name is displayed instead.

Settings - Company - Billing SettingsBilling Settings

The default currency you use when doing business. Newly created clients will default to this currency.

Default rate that your charge your clients. This can be overridden at the client or project level and can be changed on each individual line item as necessary.

Fiscal Year Starts
Simple month and day that your fiscal year starts. If left empty, January 1 is used. This date is used for reporting.

Settings - Company - Contact InformationContact Information

Email Address
Primary company email address which is used as the From or Reply To address for emails. If left empty, it defaults to the WordPress admin email. See Settings – Email for more information.

Your address which is added to invoices and emails. This field can be used for any other important information you’d like displayed as well.

Phone & Fax Numbers
These are your primary contact numbers and will be added to invoices and emails, though neither is required.

Last updated on January 11, 2020