Portable WordPress InvoicingBuilt to be Efficient and Scalable


The Portable WordPress Invoicing Plugin

InvoiceEM is the portable WordPress invoicing plugin. All records are stored in custom database tables instead of mixing records with posts. This allows for the plugin to be used on your primary company website without hindering performance. It also allows for records to be moved easily if you redesign or rebuild your WordPress site.

Plugin Features

  • Generate detailed print-friendly invoices in any country using any currency
  • Precise front-end calculations so you can see the invoice total without trips to the server
  • Scalable taxes/fees that can be customized at the company, client or invoice level
  • Payments support multiple invoices, partial payments, bonuses and fees
  • Easily maintain clients and projects
  • View invoice and payment reports by currency and time period
  • Color scheme-friendly, localization-ready and full RTL support

In Development

  • Import/export functionality allowing records and settings to be moved easily
  • Simple invoice and email customization

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Extend with Confidence

InvoiceEM extensions are built to improve certain aspects of the plugin. For example, any improvements to invoices will be added to InvoiceEM Invoices+. We plan on keeping the number of extensions to a minimum and any new functionality will be added to the existing extensions instead of creating new ones.

InvoiceEM Invoices+

Quick line item additions, PDF generation, bulk sending, recurring invoices, scheduled invoices, quotes (WIP).

InvoiceEM Payments+

Client-generated payments including bonuses, credit card payments using Stripe, automated payment fees.

InvoiceEM Clients+

Add multiple email addresses and/or WordPress users for each client. Client access to view invoices, payments, projects and reports.

InvoiceEM Projects+ (In Development)

Expenses, time tracking, Project Manager and employee/consultant access.

InvoiceEM Regional+

Additional maintenance tools for countries and currencies.

InvoiceEM Reporting+

Yearly payment summaries and totals for invoice and payment lists.

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